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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebowski View Post
    if you can cope with the old pass through box and aren't bothered about the hdr pass through issue
    What's the problem here, buddy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    What's the problem here, buddy?
    if you have a 4k TV this box has an issue that blocks you being able to view games in HDR its the main reason they brought out the v2 as its a hardware issue.

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    Ah, I don't have a 4K telly, so this is tempting! Thanks for posting.

    If only Monster Hunter World was VR compatible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Is there a full list of the PSVR releases so far somewhere guys? I’ve gone with the pack plus farpoint, but I know from previous reading Rez is a must, what are the other killer games so far?

    @gunrock, I’m sure I’ll be impressed mate.
    If you get PSVR be sure to download the PSVR Demo Collection 2, it’s on PSN under the PSVR list.
    Has some small demos but nice to take a look at some titles.


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