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    We can thank Sly for that, he loves a running franchise.

    I'm in with Ex2 being better than Ex1 too. The first suffers because of the lack of cheese, it's also worse directed with a worse bad guy and less memorable action. Either 3 or 4 really needs to deliver on trying to be the all star retro action fest these films should be.

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    Jackie Chan explains why he keeps turning Stallone down for EX films

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    Jackie just needed to say because they're utter, utter ****e and everyone would understand!

    I'd watch Shanghai Dawn tho

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    After the third films earnings you'd expect this to be dead but Stallone seems chipper that it's moving ahead. The studio seems pretty sure it was the very early pirate leak that killed the box office whereas Stallone is placing the blame on the film not being R-Rated. He says that reducing the violence in an attempt to catch a wider audience just meant they lost the core fans who bought into the first two.

    I'm not gonna lie, I place all three fairly close together but I kind of prefer EX3 out of them. Seemed more lively and fun. I reckon both the studio and Stallone are wrong on this one though.

    The three films were made very close together and none delivered what fans of the stars actually wanted. I honestly don't think movie goers outside of genre nerds pay much attention to classification ratings to care either. For EX4, Stallone needs to bring the series closer in line with the tone of the films they were all making in the 80's and 90's. The violence is fine either way he chooses but he needs to trim the cast down, probably have someone be expendable along the way too. He needs to have the kind of proper X vs X confrontations people want to see too, try to make more of an event of the casting rather than a cameo conveyor belt.

    I'm happy the fourth film is still happening, I just hope they can deliver something next time closer to what people want to see before the chances to do it run out. Rambo 4 was so much closer to how these should have been.

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    The leak probably didn't help. I don't think the rating had much to do with it. I reckon most of it is simply that the first two weren't awesome and there were better movies out.

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    That's it, I find it almost odd that there are already three of them so quickly. Some more time spent ironing out the pacing and writing (especially the dialogue and delivery of it) will instantly make a better entry.

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    Two UK men have been arrested in relation to this summers online leak of EX3

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    Sly shoots down a casting rumour but the main thing here is it seems this is still coming our way despite EX3's money woes.

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    Haven't even see three yet, two was absolutely awful.

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    Save yourself the two hours. Please.


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