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    It's the future of big budget film releases. Expendables 4 is now officially happening after the studio closed a financing deal with a Chinese company. As an expected result, at least part of the films action will be based somewhere in China with the film targetting release sometime in 2017.

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    The franchise closer will return to Bulgaria and is looking to film this August

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    Like Rambo, Expendables 4 is now moving ahead and will film in Bulgaria in early 2019.

    Who knows if Jet Li will appear though as concerns about his health have now been flagged. The 55 year old appeared in Tibet which raised the concerns

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    He is filming for Mulan I believe, so I suspect that some of that might be make up. Hopefully nothing to worry about...
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    I'm as excited for this as I'm as excited for the receipt for a Tesco Meal Deal.

    Do the kiddies know half of these peeps??!! And these movies are for kiddies

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    No word yet on if any of this will affect Stallone's career but he's facing a second sex crime investigation. This new case revolves around claims made by someone Stallone had a relations with in the 80's, the previous case involved an assault in the 90's though the last time I read anything on that one it seemed to have been disproven so I'll be curious whether this one is correct or is something more opportunisitic

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    Terry Crews confirms he won't be in EX4, can't disagree with his reasons either, disgusting thing to ask of him


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