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    Toy/Model train sets.

    Anyone know anything about them or a good forum to join?

    Ive bought a set for my lad but need to expand it and have a few questions.


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    Which set did you buy? The reason I ask is there's a variety of different gauges in the hobby which (among other scale issues) correspond to the different sized track. Forums tend to focus on just the one gauge (plus there's British societies for each further down the line) so which sites are useful will vary with the set in question.

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    Its a 00 gauge set a loop and two add on track packs.

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    Anybody got any Plarail sets from Japan? I so like the look of the Yamanote Line stuff.

    I'm not a super train geek, but I do love a bit of Densha De GO! and the Yamanote Line Green and white trains are so iconic to me. They remind me of the game and my holiday to Tokyo.

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    The only train set I had, plus a few more bits of track and the odd extra carriage

    My uncle on my dad's side however had a dream model village with a load of trains whooshing about in his basement which I remember seeing the one time I visited. Not long after their house was burgled and I think it got smashed up as it was too big to steal.

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    In the loft I have a Princess Elizabeth (smoke and sound version) set from the 70's and a Duchess of Montrose triple rail set from 50's/60's.


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