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    Rainbow Six: Siege

    Awful faux voice chat aside this potentially looks great, the hostage scenario could play out really well and there seems enough tactical options to stop repetition settling in fast

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    It does look terrific fun, but I wonder if it's playable without having to resort to that embarrassing chatter? A simple, steamlined orders/tactics menu via the control pad would be very welcome (I'm determined to go mute next gen).
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    The perfect communication between the players reminds me of every multiplayer game I've ever played. Looks good though.

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    According to Ubisofts documentation for the year results, this will be out third quarter this year

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    Ubisoft have confirmed that this will be released on 13 October

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    A day after my Birthday! That will make a nice Birthday present! Whoooo!

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    is anyone else hoping that that this brings back some of the game play feel from black arrow. some tension and clip based reloads rather than an ammo pool. limited supplies.

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    Oh yes nice one, memories of Hostages on the Amiga.

    Glad to see single player, really interested in this.

    Pity there are no giant ants or spiders but you can't have it all.


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