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    Think this is going to be ace myself , going on what I played on the Beta

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    when it work it is awesome. moving, clearing and sweeping the through as team calling it as you go. if you get a group of players that work together and your team is charging around solo you're going to get spanked. had some epic matches the other night. spliting the squad and going in through two points at the same time. if you can get a squad together it has the chance to shine.

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    Had quite a lot of fun with Terrorist Hunt this evening playing as a working team. It seems solid enough, but it'll be down to the amount of content in the final game as to a purchase. Seems to play well on PC and Xbox One, haven't tried it on PS4. I like the shotguns.

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    Also, the beta has been extended till 1st Oct.

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    I'm wavering on my pre-order, love playing the game but hate being tied to an operator, want to customise my own guns etc. What is really annoying if you've unlocked all the attachments you want on an operator and someone else is using it, you're stuck with ****ty non-customisable recruit weapons....that really, really sucks. In fact it could actually be the reason I don't buy the game.

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    If anyone still needs a beta code - these are PC UPlay keys - it's now extended to 4th Oct


    And Xbox One Codes

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    PS4 Codes.

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    Cheers Shaffy, used the third PS4 code. Interested to try this out after reading up on the beta so far


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