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    It doesn't play as well as L4D - that was very well balanced in terms of throwing enemies at you - it never seemed completely overwhelming.

    This just throws hordes of enemies at you in tight spaces. It's still quite fun and a nice addition though.

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    Damn impressive really.

    Season 3 launched yesterday and the game has managed to scale up to second place on Steam's selling ranks and has also just hit it's all time high for concurrent online users just over two years and three months after its initial launch

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartyG View Post
    The Outbreak update is out for R6: Siege today - 15GB patch thereabouts on the PC.

    It's a PvE game mode for up to three players. The thing I don't get is why Ubisoft are patching the mode out again after a month.

    This is precisely why I won't spend extra money on games as a service, because publishers can just come along and patch stuff out.

    This update is free, but it just seems bonkers to me to spend much time and resources to make this only temporary. I don't enjoy the PvP much, so any extra non-PvP stuff is a bonus.

    Will give it a go later and see if it's any good.
    They did it the other week with the Predator mode in GR:WL, that was only there for a month

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    I think the real reason for this limited mode has become clear - it's to push their content of the Outbreak loot boxes which are only purchasable with real money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilBoris View Post
    They did it the other week with the Predator mode in GR:WL, that was only there for a month
    Predator mode was still available when I played GR:WL this morning (which I wasn’t expecting).


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