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    That is of course the best justification ever for reverting back QC, can never have too many bike riding monkeys. Had crossed my mind too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    Please can you comment on why you prefer the old way? Or is it just "change is bad!"? Thanks dude.
    its not change is bad, just i pop in here at work and at home, if i mark all threads read, at work and go home its no cleared.

    i liked when i visited, it all was automaticaly done, i knew what threds i read and what is didn't.

    but i can go with the flow.... just need to remember to keep on marking all threads read before i go.
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    Are you logged in at work and at home? In theory if you mark as read at work, then when you get home it should only show you new posts since that point because it stores in the database now. Is that what is happening? (just wanted to check it's working as expected)

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    logged in both at work and at home, just close the browser (dont log out).

    will check tonight when i get home, i'll mark forums read when i leave today, and check when i get home, see whats happening.

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    works as it should, just need to remember to keep marking forums read, feels strange to manually do this, as before it was automatic.

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    Even if you don't do it, there is a break and some text to split the threads where you've read them and haven't.
    Click on new posts after not being on here for an hour and you'll see what I mean.

    EDIT, this text

    The threads below have not been updated since your last visit but still contain unread posts.
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    Yeah, that break line confused the hell out of me to start with.


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