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    Thread Read tracking change

    Hi all

    The newer server should be powerful enough to do proper thread tracking.
    Once you've finished, you may want to hit the "Forum Actions / Mark forums Read" button in the menus under the banner.

    Since we've not used this option before it might be a bit confusing at first.
    Please provide feedback here.

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    Really affects using the "New Posts" button which I use a lot, weird posting in a thread then for it not to be on the new posts list, will just take some getting used to.

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    Give it a couple of weeks. If it's rubbish, I'll change back.

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    change it back! please, old way was best.

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    To provide a contrasting opinion, I find this way much better. It's far easier to see what I've read and what I haven't.

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    I'm liking the new way. I just need to remember to hit "mark forums as read" though. Keep forgetting.
    Is it totally reliable? Every now and then I think it's not quite right.

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    Yep seems spot on to me, and two weeks in I'm used to it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beecee View Post
    change it back! please, old way was best.
    Please can you comment on why you prefer the old way? Or is it just "change is bad!"? Thanks dude.

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    If I make a post, you would think that would be classed as "just updated", but instead of being at the top of the list, it just disappears until somebody else posts.

    Sometimes, I want to go back to check spelling, add a link or attach a picture of kids dressed as monkeys riding bikes.

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