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    i hope theres only a few still standing- easy rise up the rankings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stakers View Post
    Thanks hoolak, this has really got me in the mood for a bit of TTing competition like the Double Dash days.

    Are we doing the full roster? 16 weeks of commitment, lets hope Lurch takes a nice long Summer holiday!
    Hehe, I think that first round might be as good as it gets for me, struggling to beat you're Thwamp time

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    Nice, good work hoolak

    Like the use of LFC red at the number one position too.

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    Haha I thought the redness would give us nice incentive. All done from my phone. Phone eh? Oof, thevtechnology today eh?

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    What gives with the name change?

    My new name is Lurch, please amend table accordingly!

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    Haha. Started using my name for a lot of stuff, so I thought I would extend it to this forum where I spend a lot of my time, my brothers.

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    Welcome to the real name club !


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