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    Mario Kart 8: The BDTTGP Standings

    The BDTTGP Standings... brought to you by Bowser Oil!

    Current week of GP = 10/16

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    Updated. Hopefully it's correct. Having to do it by mobile phone at the minute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoolak View Post
    The BDTTGP Standings... brought to you by Bowser Oil!
    May have to add a number of races stat? Need a more table-like display for this, but I'm not sure how.. Ah, maybe I'll make an image version.
    Do an Excel sheet and screen capture it? Yeah, number of races might be a good idea...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurch View Post
    Thanks for organising this man!
    Yeah much appreciated.
    I'm away for 2 weeks in a few days so I'll try and grab an hour or so to put some times down for these tracks, hopefully quicker than the first two

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    Thanks hoolak, this has really got me in the mood for a bit of TTing competition like the Double Dash days.

    Are we doing the full roster? 16 weeks of commitment, lets hope Lurch takes a nice long Summer holiday!

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    Yeah, 16 weeks is the plan. Might be a case of who can be bothered in the end, like just 3 or 4 left in it... Haha I hope not. As you say, TT'ing is what it's all about at the end of the day. We should all be stronger players by the end of it too.


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