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  1. #131
    Another area hopefully the sequel can make use of the hardware for, things like creeping through a burning forest where you're not sure if you heard a clicker or crackling wood. In fact, another area for improvement. Listening should highlight all sound sources rather than be a cheat mode to see just enemy locations, you should have to do some level of deciphering with it.

  2. #132
    I carried on a previous save i had, as id done the first 3rd the game must of been 5 times starting the game over and over, I actually forgot the “listen” button was even there and did the whole game without it, so its clearly not needed.

  3. #133
    I really want to finish as I hear the story is great, but I have to honest, the gameplay is a bit confusing to me and also meh. I move about stealthy, taking out people/things as I need. But now I'm upto a bit where everything goes out the window and I seem to need to going gung ho.

  4. #134
    I don’t love or hate TLOU

    It’s a good game, with a good story. But it falls shortness of greatness for me because the story and script, good (by games’ standards) as they are, feel more prototypical of something really good than something utterly brilliant in their own right. It’s one reason why I’m really interested in the sequel. They felt like they were onto something here but it was underdeveloped.

    Game-wise, it plays alright but the clicker gameplay is pretty average third person action game fare and certainly nothing special. There’s also that dissonance between game and story quite a few times (the ‘gameyness’ Fishbowlhead highlights above).

    I really think the potential is there for the sequel to be something really special. Fingers crossed that it is.

  5. #135

    Just finished my, erm, sixth, maybe seventh playthrough and that "okay" from Ellie right at the end is still just as powerful as the first time you hear it.

    That whole final section of gameplay is just magnificently paced. The way it fills the player with an increasing sense of panic and dread but at the same time this feeling of power and rush of adrenaline as you work your way through the hospital taking out Fireflies.

    The minute you get to the OR and pick Ellie up off the table hits me every time. Apparently I like a good cry!

    It is, without doubt, the finest videogame I have ever played*. It is an unparalleled experience and a proper grown up game dealing with some complex themes.

    And the soundtrack. The main theme is something I can listen to on repeat for ages but the rest of the music is just as good. Haunting and melancholy in equal measure.

    *Until 19th June anyways.


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