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  1. #21
    It still isn't hard though. There are a couple of tough sections but certainly not there.

  2. #22
    I never said it was hard, I said it was frustrating.
    Also, it's on PS4.

    Anyway, anybody taken any nice photos? this is a thread for the PS4 version of the game...
    Last edited by EvilBoris; 02-08-2014 at 05:21 PM.

  3. #23
    I kinda had the same issue. I played on hard on my first try and I would die like 10 times at each encounter but it was mainly because I wanted to do them perfectly... I think that's why I got bored of the game. I was also hunting for collectibles :/

  4. #24
    The PS4 version is identical bar visuals.

    Shaffy, playing on hard first time through would have been really hard. Deco would go with normal.
    Last edited by nakamura; 02-08-2014 at 06:00 PM.

  5. #25
    I played through on hard first time and didn't die enough to experience frustration levels. I died the most on the bit where

    It is winter and you have to survive an onslaught of zombies/clickers coming from every angle. Not the first hut but the upstairs room with a corridor

    IMO all zombie games should be played on hard. Hard required me to use everything I could find. If I played on normal I would have no doubt ended up with lots of spare ammo and accessories. Plus it would have been no where near as intense.

  6. #26
    What I love about this game as it allows for different approaches. Three of us played it through and all ended up with hugely different stats. I killed very few enemies with guns compared to Strider on here.

  7. #27
    I played to the end on ps3 last year, but getting older helps, I cant remember half of this, but I'm still pleased I double dipped, it's the most amazing game, the visual difference is massive when you put the 2 side by side, and I'm playing in upscaled 4k and it's the most superb looking game so far


  8. #28
    Hard mode wasn't too bad if I was willing to use my resources but I have item management issues. I was willing to use nothing! I remember I finished RE4 on the normal and professional difficulty with my attache only having the space for a hand gun and it's bullets. The rest was all healing items. I'm pretty sure the normal play through it was all sprays and I did similar in Last of Us. If I recall there was an abundance of items in LOU, I just wasn't willing to use anything.

    I make these odd rules and it ruins the game for me hence the boredom and frustration. This time I'll go in with the goal of just watching the story unfold.

  9. #29

    If you think it's hard now, just wait till you get to the last section of the game. Even on normal mode it took me about a zillion tries and I really had to plan it all out. (Hospital/Sewer section)

    My advice, keep it on normal mode. I hated the clickers, insta death seemed really unfair and cheap to me imho.

  10. #30
    Love playing through this again, but the framerate is not 60fps outside.


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