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Thread: FS/FT: Nothing

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    FS/FT: Nothing

    Nothing for now

    4GB DDR3 RAM
    AV Receiver

    Sony PVM-20N6E
    Asus GTX 770 Direct CU II

    SCSI CableSony
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    CEX sell the 1333 2GB sticks for a fiver a go. I picked up a couple of sticks for sons PC locally the other week.
    Worth checking stock levels online if you have a branch nearby, 12 month warranty from them too.

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    Actually I do have a yamaha rx-v765, boxed in fine nick sparing the controller which iirc is a bit temperamental, or may just need some batteries. If interested I'm on holiday at the min, back around the 15th but it's boxed ready to go, ?110 shipped.

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    Interested mate, not that it really matters but is it silver or black?

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    I have an old sherwood amp if you want it? Can find model number out. It's an old model but works fine

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    That'd be great mate, does it have HDMI inputs?

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    Apologies I'm being a nugget it's the yamaha dsp-ax763, and it's in black.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie View Post
    That'd be great mate, does it have HDMI inputs?
    No sorry this is a old model. No hdmi unfortunately.
    Probably not what you're looking for


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