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    Quote Originally Posted by chopemon View Post
    I have toyed with the idea of organising a BD meetup in a bar or pub with a bunch of TVs and consoles but also with a stage and a projector.
    With a DDR machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedlolita View Post
    Would be cool to Massacre some of you chaps on Third Strike.
    Fixed that for you

    Right I'll see if I can get anything organised.

    How soon would we consider guys??

    I have Football most Saturdays so would need to see what days I could work if we go for a Saturday but Sundays are pretty much ok

    This could be a really cool day

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    [about a UK meeting] Saturdays and Sundays would be the best for me. And somewhere easily reachable from airports/train stations.

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    LOL im far too socially awkward to bore everyone to death over weird DS games

    I do like games meets though in the past crisp wrapper used to hold some great ones here in Leeds. I remember we played allsorts. I bought a long a ton of Japanese GC stuff the highlights been playing 4 player donkeykonga 1/2/3, naruto gekitou ninja taisen 3 tournaments, fzero GX using my eyetrek goggles in first person view mode. It was great weekend meeting people i had known online finally in person.

    I also remember having an awesome meet at Mr Fallows place, one winter me & someone else from here (sorry can't remember name) both managed to get hold of a Japanese & Uk Wii close to launch so i went along with some more people from here & we all played wii stuff on a massive projector screen at his place over the weekend. The delights of made in wario & the super fruity bum train level Also remember chaoticjelly bringing his starfox 2 repro so we could all play on the big screen, it was super cool. Also had sfun heckling the slapper down in the street from his window, Burley is a scary place LOOL
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    I'm good any weekend. Just need to hop on a train to central.

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    Oh yeah, it's all London meets now is it? Where were they when I spent fifteen years living there? Hurtful gits, I'm not made of stone you know......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Oh yeah, it's all London meets now is it? Where were they when I spent fifteen years living there? Hurtful gits, I'm not made of stone you know......

    Oh come on!! You'd be able to get to London in no time in the Aston. We'd hear you coming too!!

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    Count me in for a central London meeting. I've been posting on here for a full decade now (started March 2004!) so it's high time that I meet some of you guys in person!
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    Yeah, OK, the London meeting is a go but what about the meeting I've started this thread for?
    Regarding that, Tokyochojin is on vacation when I'm on vacation (...), leaving randombs the only one in the Tokyo area...I guess you can't get to Kyoto for just an evening, right?


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