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    As for Kyoto... BAHAHAHA ONE NIGHT???

    I'll forgive your lack of geographical knowledge of these parts but it's 3 hours by bullet train

    You people are all out in the sticks. Where's the Tokyo peeps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by randombs View Post
    I'll forgive your lack of geographical knowledge of these parts but it's 3 hours by bullet train
    I know, that's why I thought you couldn't. Guess if noone else pops up it's me and you in Tokyo. Now, on to the Kyoto folks to express their preference on meeting time...

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    I can probably get myself into London for a meetup if one happens
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    I'm in London for the FF gig at the Albert Hall.

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    London is always good. I have been a little quiet for a few years here though, so may not remember many of you....

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    Bump as a reminder to the Japanese forumites...if randombs can't reach us in Kyoto maybe we'll do a second meeting (me, him, and whoever wants to join), but since time is ticking, it's better start discussing when & where to meet and where to go for those that will meet in Kyoto.

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    Bump once again, for the meeting in Kyoto.
    Randombs, if you are up for a one-to-one meeting in Tokyo, sound your opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopemon View Post
    I'd pay good money to attend a talk on importaku's DS gems or an expert player of a cool game play and break down game systems (like Saurian's Youtube vids).
    Wait a minute... Saurian has youtube videos?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse View Post
    At least one of you has to take a camera and take pics of whatever hijinks you get up to! Sounds like fun, hope you have a good time with the holiday and whatever meetings happen.

    As a general thread for this kind of thing, I'm always up for meeting folks. It still blows my mind there's not been a proper meet-up on here. I've met and hosted small groups of folks, but not the kind of big meets that used to happen and should still do!

    I did enjoy the couple of meets I went to and it's where I met yourself, Charles & Kieran for the first time at a Shaun shindig


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