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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post

    I've got the green light too!

    Let's try and finalise where we're meeting.
    Obviously, Kingston (Upon Thames!) would be easier for me and a few others, but this isn't my meeting, and if Soho is where the majority want we'll do that.

    I'd have thought we'd be alright just chatting, rather than need an activity?

    Everyone on here is welcome, by the way.
    The more, the merrier!
    Mind if I invite myself along? I'm very near London too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endo View Post
    Mind if I invite myself along? I'm very near London too.
    Yes, of course!

    Just tagged some people I know are in London or up for meetups.

    Anyone from the forum is welcome.
    (Not banned users with a vendetta!)

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    I might have to get some of these:

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    Ha! That was exactly what was going through my head as I looked for the picture!

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    Sorry guys im crap at replying to this thread. Im now living up north so not so easy to get London these days. I may be available on December 16 but depends totally on work and wont know until nearer the time


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