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Thread: Terminator 6

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    Terminator 6

    With filming now complete on next years T5, Paramount has confirmed a release date for the sixth entry of May 19th 2017. Terminator 7 has also been locked in for the following year meaning it's likely they'll be shot as back to back sequels. The aim was for T5 to half-reboot the franchise by using time travel to rewrite the events Sarah Connor faced in the original making this a sequel/reboot trilogy in a similar manner to what Star Trek XI did. It looks like Paramount is pushing to make it happen. Terminator 7 would also likely serve as a closing instalment for the franchise as a whole as a few months after its release the rights to the franchise revert back to James Cameron.

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    Whether this is good or bad I doubt JC will bother to make anymore when he gets the rights as that'll be like 5 films and a TV series which tarnished his original vision.

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    Arnie has seemingly confirmed he's set for this, filming seems set for next year. Everything lines with earlier speculation meaning they'll just be waiting for box office on T5

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    I doubt this will go ahead once box office results get in, unless their expectations are low. More to do with Arnie having signed multiple sequel deal I reckon

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    Certainly seems on a bit of a knife edge. They've probably got a certain bar level including home sales as even if it's not brilliantly received it'll likely sell well long term but I imagine it would have to do better than T4 did to go ahead. Probably hoping Arnie's presence keeps it going like it did in T3 which faced the same criticism pre-release of him being too old. Going off past ones, if it does $400m worldwide+ we should get T6&T7. If not, T5 will possibly be the last Terminator film we ever see released.

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    I think a terminator tv series could still work and probably the best medium for the franchise now.

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    Best medium for the franchise is Terminator 1 on blu-ray on a Saturday night with a beer and salt and vinegar crisps.

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    Not sure how I came across it, but saw the trailer for this the other day. It looks so bad I thought it was an April fools joke, it looks horrendously bad.

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    Will add this here too.Looks like there's a possibility lining up that China may end up saving Terminator 6 and Terminator 7

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    Unless we are talking about different things I enjoyed the Sarah Connor chronicles


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