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Thread: Terminator 6

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    T5 is number one in China. Highly likely that T6 will happen now.

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    Shows the power of the Chinese box office now. This was locked in at the fourth highest grossing entry out of five until China's release. Now it has a shot at becoming the highest grossing of all Terminators.

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    Good. I want to know who sent back pops.

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    Yeah, Chinese market is huge, if you can get your film to be one of the few (20 or so I think) foreign films onto screens per year. It's what took JP4 up to the huge revenues...
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    A report says that the sequels are on indefinite hold.
    Given the franchise rights are set to revert back to Cameron in a short few years the studio could get a cap on the series by downsizing their plans and just making Terminator 6. If they spend a bit more time on it and market it as the final franchise closing entry they might get enough buzz to cap it off and spend years selling the complete boxsets etc.

    I know T5 struggled domestically but ultimately the film got by, you only have to look at the earnings of every entry including T2 to realise they were never going to get anything above what they did so if they expected a Jurassic World style revival franchise to be born of the film they were daft.

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    I just watched T5 - the first half hour felt like fan fiction, and John Connor was horribly miscast - the mid-credits scene at the end just made me roll my eyes, as it rendered most of the story pointless. In other words, mostly pap.

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    Skydance essentially says T6 is still coming but is being delayed to iron out what wasn't so popular in T5

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    Skydance have confirmed that Terminator 6 is on the way though filming has been postponed till TBA as the plan for the film is reworked to factor in the response for Genisys. It's likely that Terminator 7 has been cancelled for now.

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    Lots of chatter about this having been scrapped as Paramount has cancelled the release date however the company still has the rights to make it through 2018 and the delay in planned filming meant that release date which was set before Genisys released was always going to fall.

    Until Cameron gets the rights back don't be surprised to see this rise again. To be honest, I'm not sure why everyone is so convinced he won't just license it out again for $$$.

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    Terminator 6 (or technically the new Terminator 3) will begin filming this May


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