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    I would hope they make it adult cert but can't see it. Too many toy and other opportunities to sell pap will put pay to that.

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    They've had 3 shots at making a good Terminator film and all 3 are ****e, I have no reason to doubt this will be any different. Let the franchise die.

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    Arnie has confirmed filming for June and that he will be playing the T-800

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    Ain't it about time all these child-of-the-80s franchises should just die?

    I mean, come on, Arnie is Jabba these days, 'Terminator', lol.

    More like The Infirminator. As in elderly and infirm. T2 is 27 years old and Arnie was already 'veteran' when it came out back in 1991.

    Let's send this franchise to the crusher.

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    And Will Smith, as well.

    In the crusher.

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    Knocked back four months, Terminator III will now open 22 November 2019

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    Gabriel Luna, from Agents of Shield, has been cast to play the new Terminator.

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    It's looking like Terminator 6/Terminator 3 will be officially, simply called Terminator


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