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    Looks like we have 4 members now on the PS4 side. Clan is up and running

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    I'm up for some ps4 mp goodness once my copy turns up!

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    I'm in (PS4) BaronSqwelch

    Will sort out a request while it installs..

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    Everyone who's asked should be added, just to reiterate you need to goto the clan page and click "Set Playstation Clan" or "Set Xbox Clan" which is just under the clan name. The Bungie website seems to handle groups and clans the same way so when you "join" you join the group. Then you can set it as your in game clan.

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    Finally sent a request to join the clan...the site doesn't work well on my phone. The app really should have the option too!!

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    Yeah the site seems to be taking a battering, seems very tied to how well Sony's servers are working too.

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    Um so does anyone else have this for Xbox One?

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    I do mate, I'll be on late tonight. GT is nick pavey.

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    I'd love to get in on this. VallyStyle on PSN joining up.


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