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    Hi sent a request to join the clan and friend requests to everyone , if I missed you my gamer tag is SILENT_MOUNTAIN
    On ps4


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    I've requested access as "splashwhale", on PS3 at the moment! Cheers
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    Add me if you haven't already folks - PSNID- MrKirov.

    I want that trophy for doing a strike with nothing but clan members as well- so I would t mind a helping hand folks!

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    Everyone should now be added, please remember to back to the group page and click the "Set as playstation" or "Set as xbox" button to actually join the clan.

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    I didn't get an invite. I've just sent another request so I hope that's good!

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    get me added, rubiqrage is the GT, im hunter lev24 atm and need buddys for raids

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    S3M-Slicer on the PS3 side, request to join clan sent.
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