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    I'm on PS4 and would be up for a raid or two with fellow forum members. I've never done any yet so it's new ground for me. I'm not mic'd up though, don't know if that might be a prob.

    Currently lvl 32 (hunter) - psn id bunk-72
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    Hi, I'd like to join the clan if possible please, lvl33 titan - psn krelmco

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    Is there a D2 bordersdown clan? Someone send me an invite.

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    Is there anyone still playing this here? Just started seeing as Bungie is nuking half the game, which I suspect will go down like a lead balloon with a lot of players. Currently racing through the stuff that is getting removed, Bordersdown clan still exists just, but don't see any active members on PS4, so will likely switch clans shortly as this time around there are lots of clan only bounties. Come November the 10th half the game is being vaulted as Bungie put it. So if you want to do the Red War, Warmind and Curse of Osiris now is your last chance.

    Details here:


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