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    Dredd: Mega City One

    Karl Urban has said that if a sequel moves ahead to Dredd it's becoming more and more likely that it will instead be a prequel that charts the origins of the character as he travels through the Cursed Earth in search of the first Chief Judge.
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    Throughout Dredd, I was thinking "Oh, I wish this was a origin story".

    Now all my wildest dreams are coming into fruition!
    Well, it's better than nothing, I guess.

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    This is just an excuse to have him not wearing the helmet, WE DONT NEED AN ORIGIN MUTHA FUKKAS!

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    I thought the chance of a sequel was practically zero?

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    Origin story....zzzz.

    Dredd was great because it didn't get bogged down. It was a thrill ride. Meh.

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    I'm wondering if this has been misinterpreted to some extent. Or did I miss where Urban himself said it might be a prequel? In context, the origins story doesn't appear to refer to being a prequel as far as I can see or even charting an origins story in the way a superhero first movie does an origins story. Dredd is Dredd but the plot elements he appears to be referencing are more about discoveries about the origin of the Judges through a story and, in turn, finding out stuff about Dredd himself. This happened in several stories in the comics, none of which were prequels if I remember correctly (albeit with a bunch of flashbacks as revelations were discovered).

    Edit: Actually looking up the story called Origins which Urban seems to be referring to and, to be honest, I don't really remember it at all. I remember bits but I might have got those from other Dredd stories around this one.
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    Could be, in the magical place of my mind the idea of a sequel which sees Dredd sent out post-Mama to find the first Judge and in doing so discovering his origins is more interesting than a vanilla prequel. Plus he can keep his helmet on

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    So the allure of dredd is him squashing drug kingpins and crime in the future and being a brutal law enforcement juggernaut.

    Here we will see dredd in a desert looking for some dude?

    Entire concept of what it's about seems to have been missed here.

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    A pretty significant chunk of Dredd has been him in the desert looking for some dude/perp/dune shark/giant spider... One of my favourites was the 'dead man' prologue to necropolis. If anybody is missing the concept I don't think it's them...

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    Yep, some of the Cursed Earth stories have been excellent. Although a huge part of me thinks a primary reason they've worked is that they prevent Mega-City One overkill and, after just one movie, I don't know if Dredd has yet earned a Cursed Earth trip. We've just seen one day on the job so far.


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