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    MK8 BDTTGP Week 14

    MK8 BDTTGP Week 14

    This week's tracks are Leaf Cup's...

    Week Over

    3DS Melody Motorway / Music Park
    2:04.804 - Stakers
    2:13.281 - Gradius

    N64 Yoshi Valley
    2:07.526 - Stakers
    2:23.717 - Gradius


    Post your times for week 14 in this thread. Feel free to post multiple times during the week to let everyone know and discuss how you're are getting on, but be sure to highlight to me which is your final time so I don't miss it.

    - All final times must be posted with photo proof. Using your phone or upload screenshot using the Wii U.

    - Week 14 ends midnight Sunday 21st September

    1st 25 points
    2nd 20 points
    3rd 16 points
    4th 13 points
    5th 11 points
    6th 10 points
    7th 9 points
    8th 8 points
    9th 7 points
    10th 6 points
    11th 5 points
    12th 4 points
    13th 3 points
    14th 2 points
    15th 1 point

    Good luck out there!
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    Not really feeling it this week, think I might have got the fatigue that killed everyone else off. Hey ho, 2 weeks to go!

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    I've had issues with my wii u power supply, it will be sorted for next week.

    these are some old times I did when I was beating the staff ghosts


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