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    PCs and Steam: Thread 01

    We have a main thread for every format except the PC so I figured it was time to very belatedly rectify that. So, here is a place for general discussion and updates on that very wide open world called PC gaming.

    I figured I'd open with the most recent news bits floating around on the net that haven't already been covered in the relevant threads.

    -Steam Accessed

    Scrupulous netters have been using malware via a Twitch campaign for Counter Strike weapon raffles to hack users Steam accounts and empty their wallets, so if your a regular user bemalware!

    -Doomkey Kong Country
    Someone has impressively reworked a custom version of Donkey Kong Country built out of the Doom engine. They've released a demo, but below is a vid. It's looks just like a fanmade, the Doom engines effect is fairly subtle, gives it a 2.5D look

    -The Older Scrolls
    A new trailer is out for Skywind, the fanmade attempt to remake the entirety of Morrowind in the Skyrim engine. Still early but looking good.

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    the only PC game that matters. Gang beasts

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    At first I thought wtf watching that, it's oddly mesmerising though

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    @ 7:40. That game looks like a beer drinking, at home with the mates laugh fest.
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    Gang Beasts is awesome. As are Lethal League and Nidhogg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    At first I thought wtf watching that, it's oddly mesmerising though
    the truck fight at 7:40 looks like something only Hollywood could do

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    That looks crazy and loads of fun in 4 player! Does anyone see the Powerstone influences in it???

    Anyway i'm looking forward to joining the PC master race proper soon as i will be buying a top spec gaming PC but i'm not sure wether to wait for a good 32 inch 1440p gaming monitor to come out or get a 27inch 1080p that's 120/144hz as i sit fairly far away from the desk. The only 1440p 32inch monitor i'm aware of is the Benq BL3200PT:

    But iv heard it's only average for gaming and is more for professional use. Does anybody have any experience with it or seen it in action?

    The other option is go for the smaller 27 INCH 1080P Benq XL2720G thats 144hz and is G-Sync enabled. It's due out around the end of next month:

    Does 120hz/144hz really make a difference or is 60hz fine? I understand to get a game at 60fps at high/ultra details in 120/144hz would require a top graphics card but i'm planning on waiting for the Geforce 880 which i think would be powerful enough.
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    If you're at 60fps then your refresh rate only needs to be 60hz. You won't detect any more than that. 120hz and greater has 2 uses as I see it: 60fps in 3d and frame rates higher than 60fps. If you can detect frame rates higher than 60 then games can look pretty damn sweet.

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    60fps is as smooth as you will ever need really. And of course, console developers, the optimum.

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    I will say that you've probably never even though about it but just seeing the Windows pointer move on a 120Hz display will make you realise that there is a world beyond 60fps


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