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    If you find this trade forum useful......

    This is only 5 a year which is a drop in the ocean compared to the amounts you save or gain in the trading forum!

    Please ensure you use your forum usercp (see top left of forum) to manage your donation.

    As a show of our appreciation to all those who donate:

    - We have opened a new trading forum in which contributors can sell items which are currently restricted such as Blurays and non-gaming items.
    - We will host regular competitions.
    - Blue nickname.
    - You can add a custom tag under your nickname.
    - A private forum - The Blueroom
    - Add Polls to your threads.
    - Slightly bigger and / or animated avatars
    - Blue "for free" thread
    - Larger mailbox (+100)

    You'll also get a warm fluffy feeling!

    Whether a member contributes to the running costs of the site or not, the Terms and Conditions of this site will continue to be maintained. Contributing does not give a member carte blanche to break the rules. If you are permbanned for breaking the site's T&Cs, do not expect a refund.

    We thank everyone who decides to contribute.

    How to Donate

    Donations can currently be made via Paypal by clicking here, which can also be accessed via your user control panel. We would encourage you to use the automatic subscription link above wherever possible (you will immediately be activated without any work by us), but if you don't have paypal, please contact charlesr for details of paying by bank transfer. Thanks!
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    Cheers to those of you that have signed up since this morning!


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