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    [15 years!] The NeoGeo Pocket Color Thread

    Some of the talk in the thread about Android consoles has made me nostalgic today for the NGPC, so dug mine out of storage.

    After the customary couple of minutes to find the right light to play it in, I'm happy to see that Match of the Millennium is still as fun to play now as it always was.

    I've also just discovered that as of this month, the machine is 15 years old.

    Anyway, turned out that we don't seem to have a general thread about the NGPC - we have specific games, and people asking about collections etc. but no love-in for the platform itself.

    What are people's best memories of the NGPC? What are your favourite games? Has anyone done the lighting mod?

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    At the height of my gaming and prior to my divorce I had a full UK set

    Memories side the crystal series were my favourite especially the yellow one and the Hanshin Tigers was lovely

    Games wise it's still about the fighters with last blade and gals fighters being excellent, didn't get the madness around reversi but also didn't own any Japanese games for it which was a first for any consoles I've owned within the last ten years

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    I never got the love for the slimline units, though I don't think I've ever actually held one. I personally was always partial to this:

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    What slimline units?

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    There were 2 versions (3 if you count the black and white models), the original and the Japanese only slimline models. I preferred the slimline's.

    I also had a full set at one point, lots of great games, the Metal Slugs were good, Magical Drop was a great puzzler, enjoyed Faselei and Card Fighters too. It also has the best handheld fighter ever, SNK V Capcom MOTM. Oh and the pad/stick was brilliant.
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    Comparison picture of the original v slimline

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    Wow, I'm amazed that I never even knew about that. Will have to look around see if I can get one. I don't have my big one with me anyway and I've been meaning to get another so I can play the Megaman game I picked up last year. That transparent slim one looks turbo 90s and I want it. Are they expensive?

    Not sure how I would get on with the screen now. I remember the screen blowing me away with how crystal clear it was, for an unlit system. I got a Swancrystal recently though and was not at all impressed with it. I couldn't see a bally thing. I've been spoilt by all the backlit and modified systems I've used in the interim.

    EDIT: What am I even talking about? I hate slimline systems! It's a cancer on handheld design!

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    Great little system. Best d-pad ever. Good screen and impressive battery life. The Metal Slug games and Sonic are excellent. Shame it didn't get much support from third parties.

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    Nuff said heh... (although this is an old photo and there's more now than then)

    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    It certainly is one of the strangest catalogues of games for any platform.

    For starters, I don't think there is a single racing game. I'm not their biggest fan, but it still seems odd to have a system where not one exists.

    The other thing is the general level of quality is really quite high. I struggle to think of a bad game on the system. Even the gambling games (the card games etc) are decent for what they are.

    Anyone ever play Biomotor Unitron? I've heard pretty good things about it.


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