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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    How is the Mickey Mouse Clinhoise book? Hearing good things.
    Not sure on the Clinhoise book but Chloes Clubhouse book is great

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    Clinhoise? What the hell is a Clinhoise?! Damn you, iPad.

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    EDIT: Ah the perils of posting on a tablet.

    @Soundwave - yea they look great too. Anything FT is pretty good. I've done well and not ordered anything since tracks. Even Hotrod is on the back burner atm.
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    Haven't received a fig for quite a while until today.

    Not a fan of visible joints, but this is one of those figs which I wanted as soon as I saw it.

    WorldBox are also doing a RE Nemisis fig (16") which I'm keen on getting. Finding a UK based store that is going to be stocking it is proving to be difficult.

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    Kotobukiya have shown off the full artwork for the Chucky Bishoujo statue. I can kind of assume what their minds were probably thinking when they locked in on the children aspect but the actual end result doesn't look like Chucky at all and actually feels kind of ... dodgy...

    Also revealed is The Bride from Kill Bill realised as a Bishoujo:

    It was inevitable but, though only teased at the moment, the Marvel based Bishoujo line will be tapping into the Female Thor and Female Loki variants next:

    Next up, Bishoujo Spider-Gwen has appeared:

    Next, the artwork for Bishoujo Edward Scissorhands

    And the figure for Bishoujo Harley Quinn V2

    They also teased Bishoujo Wonder Girl

    And Bishoujo Chucky's Tiffany

    Another appearance is the prototype for Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Primal

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    Guys, I came across this for pre-order from BBTS. Are their any UK or European dealers who may stock this? I got hit by Customs for my MK Scorpion fig from BBTS, and no doubt I'd get slaughtered if this beast came across the Atlantic.

    Thanks in advance.

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    BBTS are American. I know of an Italian store that might stock this, but being in Europe won't remove all the chances for extra customs costs, not to mention shipping costs.
    Two of my friends have the HGUC Dendrobium, it's a big model for sure but it's still HGUC, and an oldish one at that. Don't expect too much, especially if you're used to MG, RG, or even recent HG kits.

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    Thanks b_k. I assumed that as it was a pre-order, it was only just being released, but as you have pointed out, it's actually been out a while.

    I'm watching some videos of it on YT, and it's a fantastic size. Are there any similar sized MG kits on the market?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Grover View Post
    I'm watching some videos of it on YT, and it's a fantastic size. Are there any similar sized MG kits on the market?
    If you mean Mobile Armours in MG scale, no. I would love a Neue Ziel in MG but it would need a room for itself and a bank loan
    The Dendrobium was the first and only MA ever put into model form by Bandai, it didn't sell that well. There's a new 1/100 scale dedicated to large suits (Pallas Athene, Kishatryia) with HG level of detail, but it hasn't many models yet. Unfortunately Bandai is focusing on HG and RG lines, they sell better, and the release schedule for MGs has dried up considerably in the recent years.


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