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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Dammit! That's two lovely Lamborghinis in Age of Extinction.
    I might end up watching it...

    That Lamborghini Centenario certainly draws a crowd!

    The Lambos are the only good thing about that movie

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    I went ahead and did it. Bought Sideswipe and Sunstreaker from Kapow. If anyone asks, they cost 20 quid each, right?

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    My knockoff Sideswipe was 20, so try claiming that.

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    I’m now experiencing some kind of purchasing hangover.

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    I'll take 'em off your hands for 20 for the pair.
    Can't let your other half see them.

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    You’re always looking out for me, QC. Really appreciate it but I think I need to own up to my actions in this case and so I’ll have no choice to but to open them up and play with them and put on robot voices and so on. I only have myself to blame.

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    You know I've got your 6, bro.

    I think you need to try the line "These Chinese knock-offs are identical to the real thing, dear? Can I make you a cuppa? Have you done something with your hair?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by _SD_ View Post
    Good lord, I remember having the sword and shield... I must have been about 7. I had Castle Grayskull and most of those vehicles, except for the red one and the horse. My mate across the road had the bird plane thing that landed on the Castle, I was well jealous!

    I had and loved that! I never really had Castle Grayskull, so... \_(ツ)_/

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    As a girl who was desparate for transformers as a child but never recieved thanks to mum not liking the idea and not being able to afford them, I didn't get anything He-Man related appart from a small doll that resembled She-ra.

    However, on my many VHS's taped off the tv growing up, I strongly remember this advert being on one of them and I though this toy looked ACE.

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    Cool. I have a list a mile long of toys I want that are either: 1) toys I owned in childhood or 2) toys I wanted as a kid. The He-Man stuff is in the latter category.

    Related: almost bought some Crossbows and Catapult sets on eBay recently. Didn’t. But almost did.


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