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    I don’t know what these are but I know I would target those joins in a space battle and have those ships destroyed in seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post

    "The Tokyo Toy show gave fans their first look at the newest version of a Masterpiece Optimus Prime, which we will call MP Optimus 3.0 until we get an official number or labelling. However, photos were not allowed so the only photo we got was grainy and not the ideal first look at a figure that will probably cost fans a pretty penny. Luckily, MP Optimus Prime 3.0 features in the latest Figure King magazine and while we do not have high quality scans yet, we do have a much better look at the toy than ever before.*

    Fellow Seibertronian Cyberpath found these images and sent them our way so taht we can in turn share them with you. It is the same image shown at Tokyo Toy show but clearer and bigger, letting us see the details. We also get a further confirmation that this will be released in 2019."

    That looks awesome wonder if it will have some sort of Battle damage. Iím still waiting for a chance to get Sun streaker or Side Swipe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    I dug out my old Sunstreaker to compare. That's some difference:

    Nice need to add to my Optimus Prime and Hot Rod Masterpiece Transformers and Overlord plus Blitz Wing Prime Transformers.

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    Master Made SDMB-02 SDMB02 Metal Slug Dragon Nosuke Metal Bullet 4 Legs Armor

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    Want want want want want want want

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    Decided to try out the God Hand to see what the fuss is about...

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    Those things are shockingly good, pricy but worth it.

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    If they're anything like the game, it'll be easy at first, but things soon get too tough.

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    Has been a while since my cabinet got any new figures in it but when i saw those 2 osomatsu san dioramas on Amazon i had to get hold of them. One of them wasn't cheap but there was no way i was waiting as the next amazon marketplace seller had theirs going for x3 the price, not falling for that mistake anymore. When stuff sells out at the cheaper prices everyone loses their minds and starts adding zeros to the price of the ones remaining for sale.

    for when i need my matsu fix.

    The other fits perfectly under my kid icarus figures,

    Seeing as it's been a while since i updated my cabinet here's it's current contents, an random mix of various figures.

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    Loving it, especially your giant Doremon!


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