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    Nice vid b_k.

    I’ve got a fondness for mecha/Gundam’s, but do not have anything to show for it, model/kit wise.

    I’d buy in a heartbeat the Gundam Denbronium RX-78GP03, but it’s sold out everywhere bar Asia, and that would be too cost prohibitive from a shipping and handling to bring over from there. I also like the Deep Striker, but that’s had only lukewarm reviews. If nothing else, I’ve saved some money!

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    A couple of friends have the HGUC Dendrobium. It's impressive to see, but in terms of detail and build complexity it's still a HG model, so it might not live up to expectations.

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    Pulled the plug on my GB TF Ectotron order, quite a few reviews are out and they're positive but... it left me with a sense I'd receive it and have a bit of buyers remorse. The robot mode is nice but I prefer the vehicle mode, the vehicle mode is well done but same scale as the Lego ones so it's a bit too much of the same thing (but the Lego one is better) kind of thing I think

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    i think thats a fair review ive seen a few youtube vids and while the ecto1 is spot on the robot is pretty poorly done, you can see what they where going for with the white and beige bits but it makes for a really ugly robot. the head sculpt with unmovable googles is pretty naff too.

    I've been taken in by these things before too, i have a millennium falcon sat in a box somewhere, which looks great in a spaceship form but then makes the two crapest looking transformers of Han and chewie. it doesn't help that Han looks like that robot woman from the Superman 3 film.

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    I think I'd still cave at a DeLorean one though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    I think I'd still cave at a DeLorean one though
    lol i used to have a marty mcprime on a tshirt

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    Perfectly done I feel the GB one will be a one off though

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    One more Megami Device model completed, the Bullet Knights Launcher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post

    Already got it as part of the backer package. Video in the previous page


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