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    You're probably right yeah. My friend got some Project jobby that seems to work well.

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    I got really into vinyl a couple of years ago, and went on a bit of a buying spree, and got a blinding deal on a B&O Beosystem, which I adore. They were design perfection in my eyes.

    Unfortunately I'm currently in between flats at the moment, so the system is boxed up and vinyl unplayed. Plus i sold a few records during the move clear out. Looking forward to a new flat in January and getting it all set up again.

    Heres a photo of when I first got it, appallingly just sat on the floor for its first few weeks.

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    It's a Beosystem 5000, 1983 model I believe, and (touch wood) was still working perfectly when stored.

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    This was a present from my Brother, He met Mark after the gig, some lovely photos with him and got me a signed record.
    (I was poorly at the time, so didn't go. When my bro came round the next day and gave me it, I was so chuffed!)

    Its a decent record too...although, I could be biased as I love the Bluetones, this is his 2nd solo record.

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    Japanese vinyl singles are of much higher quality than those I used to buy in the UK. That applies to both 7" and 12". The vinyl is thicker and packaged so well. As standard there's the outer plastic slip cover, fold open double sided cover, inner paper record sleeve and anti-static bag.

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    Cool. Yes I need to get a Japanese copy of The Kick Inside. The UK copies have awful sibilance.

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    I Wish I had the money at the time when someone on the forum was selling a Darius (as in the video game series) Soundtrack.
    On Vinyl of course

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