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    This is something I can sink my teeth into, shamefully I dont have a turntable at the minute though I have a large collection of 70's/80's albums, here's a few starter treats:

    Sheila E - Romance 1600 & the matching tour on Laserdisc

    Bootleg Serious Moonlght 3 x LP set:

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    Literally all my socks are food related apart from some Ninja Turtles ones.

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    Yeah, a lot of my Japanese vinyl has those spine cards. I've even got a few Italian pop and UK Stock Aiken & Waterman 12" that had Japanese presses also complete with the massive spines.

    Japanese press of Pepsi & Sherlie's Goodbye Stranger. Same content as the UK 12" but now on thicker vinyl and better packing.

    Japanese press of the Italian Fun Fun's Bala Bolero.

    Picture disc on very thick vinyl but sounds bloody awful. Do all picture discs sound like crap? This one is mint so it's certainly not because it has been played a billion times. Still, very pretty to look at.

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    Good thread, love vinyl.

    It's right what's been said you don't need to spend a fortune on a deck, I have a Roksan Kandy amp and CD player with decent KEF floor standers but only spent about ?150 on my Project deck and it's very good indeed.

    Anyway here are some randoms out of my collection including one of my more embarrassing purchases as a kid a Howard Jones picture disc baby!

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    Excellent white boys and heroes is one of my fave Numan tracks.

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    Some lovely pictures
    My turntable should be here today/Tuesday, i'll update thread with pictures (this will be my 3rd budget pioneer deck)

    I have enough money to buy a new record when I go town later on in the week, so i'll update thread with what I buy.

    I have comedown machine by the Strokes on order at amazon. Then that's me just about broke again!

    I also want to buy the Teddy Bears Sing on Vinyl, discogs have a Japanese release with obi/spine. (80's re-release I think) original record was a mono late 50's. Been listening to some of the songs (mostly covers) and its nice and laid back and the female singer has such a beautiful voice.

    I've been meaning to buy licensed to ill for a while, I originally bought it on cassette whilst at school. (nice pics Neil)

    My local HMV has been expanding their vinyl section since I've been buying vinyl, it has quite a good selection, when I 1st started buying they had a small shelf, now they have that, and around 4 different sections (all together) of beautiful vinyl records.

    I own some of what they sell on the original releases, McCartney/lennon solo for e.g

    Its nice to go in there though as there are a genuine good show of records for sale.
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    I've taken a few photos, but the quality is poor, so i'll just post one :-

    I'm running it through a sansui amp and mordaunt pageant speakers, sounds pretty amazing tbh.

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    ?125 for turntable, 70's JVC Amp (which is faulty, sadly), Pioneer tuner.
    The main part I wanted (as it was a bundle auction) was the turntable and the deck is in beautiful condition and it does play lovely :-)


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