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    I can't help it. I just love 80's cheese.

    David Grant & Jaki Graham - Could it be I'm falling in Love 12"

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    My last purchases got wiped out by the forum disaster but got a new piece of vinyl in this months issue.

    A new issue of house of waxwork, fave horror comic totally has vibes of tales from the crypt. Sadly the storys in it go by far too quickly but the included soundtrack to listen along to while you read makes them a fun experience.

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    Parallel Lines. Sometimes a band unknowingly release a greatest hits album. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac is one of those.

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    I'll try to have a go at getting some photos on here. Recent purchases have been Dream Wife, Field Music, Barry Adamson, Queens of the Stone Age and a five album boxset of The Average White Band. Wife's been going a bit mental.

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    Pick up the driveclub and Rez ltd red vinyls. Smashing sound and really well produced

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    I've been tracking down original copies of my favourite Stereolab albums. This arrived yesterday:

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    Nils Frahm. Arrived today. Such attention to detail.


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