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    MH4U hunters thread

    So who is going on the roster? The demo supports online play so let's get some quests going on!

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    I'm up for some online once I get a bit better my friend code is: 3754 6922 1535

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    You on the full game I take it? What weapon are you maining?
    Yep not had much time to put into it yet. Using mostly dual blades which was my preferred weapon from 3 ultimate as well

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    Cool I'll add you, need to level my weapons and gear up a bit yet but not played MP on any monster hunter so looking forward to trying it

    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    2449-4631-1299 is my friend code btw.

    If you see me on Netflix on PSN I'm probably playing.

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    I'm gonna be using my shiny New3DSXL for this, so add me on this; 5429-9904-7787. I've added you both. Rockin' the charge blade.

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    My new commute / spare time sink.

    Friend code: 0190-1429-3988

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    Hi there. If anyone is still playing please add me: 2809-8945-8976.
    I'm HR 7 at the moment but don't mind doing lower rank too.


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