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    I'm still playing on and off, but mainly MHX at the mo.

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    Cool you can add me if you like. It's funny how quick things move along. I consider mh4u to still be a 'new' game. People are moving on to mhx already.

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    Not many people, just those with a J-3DS and a mild obsession. I'm HR4 on MH4U and definitely haven't finished with the game.
    The sale this Christmas will probably bring some more newbies into the fold.

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    In a MH limbo right now; I've sunk 150+ hours into 4U but can't see me going back, but don't think grabbing X is a good idea either. When it comes west I'll see if I can gather up the same spirit to do it all over again...

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    Ah well, never mind. There seems to bit a bit more low rank people about now anyway. could be the sale i'd say

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shlippy View Post
    Hi there. If anyone is still playing please add me: 2809-8945-8976.
    I'm HR 7 at the moment but don't mind doing lower rank too.
    2449-4631-1299 ! But your friend code is invalid.

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    Sorry, the last two digits were wrong. My friend code is: 2809-8945-8967.


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