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Thread: The X-Files

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    The X-Files

    This will be so far away but the Chairman of Fox TV has said that plans are afoot to revive The X-Files. Nothing is in stone but they'd like to pursuade both Duchovny and Anderson to return to the show. Who knows how it'll pan out of if but the prospect of an actual Season 10 intrigues me considering the 2012 event was never realised so they could pick it up in 2017 and part of the mystery be based on how it all panned out in the end.

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    I watched the whole lot recently and was a bit bored by the end. Taken individually, episodes were great, but the overall story was really incoherent and confused about how they could reveal bits gradually without making it suddenly reach the end of the story.

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    I thought the alien conspiracy/black oil virus ark of the series made for some of the more boring episodes, much preferred the episodes that ignored that stuff. It definitely felt tired by the end of season 9.

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    Yeah i agree, I found the one off wierd phenomenon episodes more engrossing than the dragged out longer multiple episodes about the black sticky stuff... although the black oil coming out of Krychek was most disturbing...


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    Someone needs to tell them that Fringe happened so we don't need this anymore!

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    Hah yeah, I was going to say the same thing. Fringe nailed it.

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    David Duchovny basically says that as long as it's a 24 style limited season, he's up for it

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    I hated DD before Californication, now am a fan, not enough to watch a series from the nineties but may catch the new episodes when they land.

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    By the sounds Fox has close to greenlit the series as a one-off limited run which could be just 6 episodes long

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    They need to remaster the series in HD a la StarTrek TNG


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