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Thread: The X-Files

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    I was thinking this the other day, woulk love to revisit the X-files but I'd like a hd remaster. I assume the demand must be worth the effort?

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    I watched the entire series over 12 months in 2010 and have been holding off watching it more recently waiting for a Blu Ray release. There's been rumors about it being done for the past few years but like TNG it would cost a fortune to do and sales would be uncertain. DS9 was suppose to be following TNG but so far sales have been disappointing so it could possibly be canned

    There was a German channel that broadcast a few episodes of the first series in a cheapo HD version and even in 16:9

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    Buckle up folks, Fox has finally officially confirmed this is happening and will be six episodes in length

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    Oh hell yes!!!

    Loved watching this when I was growing up. Can't wait to see what they do.

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    oooo now it's interesting...

    I'd like to see Dogget, Reyes and Skinner return as well. Episode wise maybe they can open and close the series with the mythology episodes but I want at least 4 to be stand alone monster/weird thing of the week stories.

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    My main deal breaker with these eps will be if they fail to acknowledge the 2012 storyline that they missed completing

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    Apparently this is effectively Season 10. Amix of mythology and stand alone, set in the present day and will in some way address the main outstanding plot arcs

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    Not sure if Doggett will be in this as Robert Patrick is signed up to Scorpion on CBS.

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    It's been confirmed the CSM is returning...

    I hope it's just a flashback and that he's well and truly dead, I hate this cheapo TV 'return from the dead' crappy writing where off screen deaths don't actually mean death... The guy was ravaged with cancer and had missiles fired at his hide out ffs...

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    Duchovny hopes that the new limited season format won't be a one-off and they can continue making new 6ep long seasons


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