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Thread: The X-Files

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    Prepare yourselves in advance conspiracy nuts, Fox has confirmed that the X-Files Season 10 will debut on 24 January 2016

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    Word that one of the six episodes will be a follow up to a Season 4 stand alone episode fan favourite

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    A trailer for Fox's 1 episode per day run up to the launch of Season 10 which at the end has literally 1-2 seconds of footage from the new season

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    I won't post the link as it gives it away but

    The Lone Gunmen have been confirmed to be in one of the new eps

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    As Mulder would believe...

    The Trailer Is Out There

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    smoking man? Didn't he get a rocket in the face?

    Same old stuff though. "You're close" "Don't give up". JUST TELL HIM THE TRUTH ALREADY.
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    It does look more the same than ever. I never watched the whole series (enjoyed ones I watched) and this already seems so familiar. No bad thing, I guess. It's what fans will want.

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