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Thread: The X-Files

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    Despite poor reviews of the first ep the figures were big for the shows return. Fox will be hoping it continues to stay strong for the remaining 5, the reviews for the third ep seem pretty good so it's hopeful.

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    Gillian Anderson appeared so skinny and gaunt that it looked like she was turning into an alien grey. It's not nice to see someone so malnourished. But apart from that, I thought the first episode was OK. There were moments when the acting was poor because of weak lines, and the conspiracy theory guy was badly cast, but some of it was quality and I look forward to further episodes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon Retro View Post
    There were moments when the acting was poor because of weak lines
    Hmmm. [HIDE]That face-to-face scene after Mulder hangs up on Scully and she drives to his trailer was pretty dire. We know both DD and GA are better than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smouty View Post
    Yeah, that scene really stood out as terrible. It was like they were rehearsing their lines. I think there was an overall lack of quality when it came to the script, lines and casting. DD & GA seemed to not have their hearts in it, but maybe they just needed to get back in the swing of things. Further episodes will show whether that's the case.

    But despite that, it was an OK start to the new series and I'm sure the rest of the season will be entertaining.

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    Ep1 was pretty poor way to much going on, Ep2 was much better. Watched Ep3 last night and it left me feeling really odd. It was just really really strange, not sure what angle they are trying but it didn't feel like the x-files of old, still will watch the last 3.

    Could it be that FM is just going mad?

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    Ep3 was truly epic. It was one big X files parody full of in jokes and even

    some fan service in the Scully dream sequence

    I really loved it and you know it wouldn't be too dark with Rhys Darby in it.

    There s a great review here -

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    I've never watched any files so thought I would give it a try

    But it's a slog so can see why I never really was interested in it

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    Same here, never saw a single episode back in the day, but thought new season was OK, watchable at least.

    DD is so much better as Hank Moody!

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    Though there's no set annual timing to it

    Chris Carter has said that following the success of the latest episodes Fox is keen on Season 11


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