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Thread: Nothing for now

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    Ok great just so we are all clear

    Brad wants the dock and PSU for 50 delivered
    DJ Tickle wants Switch without dock and no PSU for 150 delivered.

    I will be sending the switch in original box and will send Dock in separate box just want to make sure you are both happy with this.

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    What if I said I wanted it all for 200??

    Just kidding. Although I would take it, if anything happens.

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    Added Switch version of Skyrim 30 delivered.

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    Added God of War PS4 (33 Delivered)

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    God of War now sold.
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    Hi @gambit6613.

    Just so you know CEX will pay 35 cash at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howiee View Post
    PM'd re GoW
    You PMd me not @gambit6613


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