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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    The notion that Ghostbusters could be turned into something resembling the MCU
    That's the thing; this is just fundamentally daft. The MCU has evolved this way for many reasons that are specific to the MCU.

    For example, even if you were to take something else with a large amount of background material, like Lord of the Rings, there's no reason to believe the MCU's model would work if applied to it. Ghostbusters lacks even that backing; given, there are comics etc. but generally people tend to think of the two original movies as being the entire thing.

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    Chris Pratt shoots down the rumours he's being lined up for this

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    I honestly thought GCU in the title was a joke.

    So Cinematic Universes have become me-too concepts like trilogies where the third part is split into two.

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    Drew Pearce says plans for the next-next film are coming along as well as the plans to make it a shared universe. Despite them denying it, he also says Pratt and Tatum are on board but it could be a year till we see more, presumably after the Feig entry hits

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    I hate all this universe crap and reboots. Just come up with something original or at least an quality remake.

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    God knows what project will follow the upcoming Feig film but Fletcher Moules has signed on to direct an animated Ghostbusters film that ties into all this. Seems Sony is doing the same branching plan as Spiderman which also has an animated film in the works.

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    Feig says that if he'd been able to make a sequel to his failed reboot the series would have next travelled to another country

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    China, obviously. That's where the movie money is these days.

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    Yeah every blockbuster seemingly having a China connection is getting old already. Skyscraper was bizarre.

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