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    Quote Originally Posted by speedlolita View Post
    Xbox Live always cost money though, as an example. This is a new model for the PS4 though yes. Personally, I will never purchase PS+ so Sony can be damned.
    Fair enough, I despise paying too. But I do regardless, need that Fifa online fix lol

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    Does this feel like a Souls game in terms of control and combat?

    Do you collect souls or equivalent? How does one heal?

    Is the character/weapon building similar to pat From' games?

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    Yes but without a shield and more emphasis on dodging.

    You collect Blood Echoes instead of souls. They work in the same way but there is a bit of a twist I won't spoil...

    You collect healing items and press Triangle to consume them. You can hold 20 of them at the point I'm at in the game.

    The character building is similar but there are less stats. The weapons are upgraded to +1, +2 etc. as in the Souls games.

    This is very much a Souls game. The biggest change is lack of shield.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopemon View Post
    Yes but without a shield and more emphasis on dodging.
    So you cannot parry with weapons?

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    Excellent, thanks. How about the dying and returning as a lesser being mechanic, is that still there in some form?
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    Managed to pick up a reasonably priced collectors edition, which is now on its way to me by special delivery :-)

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    J0e Musashi's Avatar
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    Gamertag: I3th Racing PSN ID: Mr_Karate
    You can play online without PS+. It's GOTD for me. I just beat the third boss. The riposte mechanic is way better than the Souls games. It's like Demon's Souls II Turbo. So awesome. I was going to buy Hardline, but this will see me through until probably forever. Or at least until I get the platinum. The HK download version comes with all of the pre-order bonuses, and you get two months of PS+ with the change out of two $200HK PSN vouchers.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    I've started to notice much less blood vials being dropped by enemies after getting to a new area. Then even when I returned to the first area and slay some enemies vials were hard to come by. Is anyone finding this? I guess it must be an intentional thing.

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    been practising the visceral kill on some of the lesser enemy's (vid above) pretty happy with the visceral kill against the big guy

    Can do it on the villager type enemies no prob's, as there tells are very slow, its a bit more risky on the bigger stuff but its pretty satisfying when you get it right, I'm up to the second boss now at first I was thinking how the hell can I kill this thing but once you work out his weakness it's an easy ride. up to the second boss now after about three hours play.

    Seems you will need to have the visceral tactic sussed

    by the time the second boss comes around nearly got him down so many times but had to call it a night about 12:00 cant wait to play again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornflakes View Post
    So you cannot parry with weapons?
    You parry with your gun this time. See Lebowski's vid below.


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