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    Bloodborne review

    Played a few hours last night and I'm in love. Here are some super quick thoughts.

    The game looks AMAZING. Crisp textures and buckets of detail. The world feels rich, inhabited and cohesive. Vistas constantly wow and I kept angling the camera to see new areas stretching away in the distance. The cloth and fur physics are great and give characters really dynamic movement.

    The animation and character movement is a lot more responsive than Dark Souls and the game feels a lot more fluid. Combat is fast and you are rewarded for being aggressive. Giving the player two weapons in one and turning the gun into a parry weapon is genius. It allows you to grasp the combat on an entry level and then learn how to expand your skills and options.

    I've defeated the first boss and am heading into a couple of new areas. The first level of the game is the beta level but it turns out there was loads of environment closed off and the Dark Souls 1 interlocking level design is back in full effect. I was surprised several times how after a long period of exploration I came out somewhere familiar.

    While the world feels more cohesive, the early part of the game isn't as distinct as the areas in Dark Souls 1. Firelink feels separate from Burg, Burg gives way to Parish and so on. The city geometry in BB is more pervasive and while it feels like a city, it loses some of the landmarks and clear environment delineation that DS1 has.

    The game also plays it's theme a bit straighter than DS1. I like DS1 as it feels like a bizarre, surreal world but BB hasn't really given me that feel. I was surprised by

    what I thought was a giant rat in a sewer which actually turned out to be a giant pig

    but that's the only weird thing I've found so far.

    This definitely feels distinct from DS and is a brilliant game. I can't wait to get back to it tonight. Might make myself available for summons for anyone struggling with the first boss.

    First GOTY contender and it may end up being a masterpiece.

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    loved the original Demon souls and this looks very like it :-)

    I remember playing the asian release just after launch and boy was it special.

    anywhere selling this now? Was about to buy the limited edition of a guy on ebay, who had it in stock, but for some bizzare reason he doesnt post to Northern Ireland, which makes rather poor business sense for a trader....

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    Gave this about an hour last night after i was done raiding on destiny, ive found drawing enemies away and picking them off a couple at a time is working well for me with this, lock and dodge seems to be the thing to do here, watch for the enemys tell avoid and hit, am i playing it right or should i just be wadding in and be less cautious? having never given much time to a souls game I'm enjoying it, so far itching to get back on and give it another go.

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    Yep, you're playing it right. You'll learn to be more aggressive but the core is dodging when you see a tell then striking back. Also, when you see a tell try shooting your gun. If you do it at the right time it will stagger them and allow you to run up and rip their heart out with a special animation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopemon View Post
    Dark Souls 1 interlocking level design is back in full effect. I was surprised several times how after a long period of exploration I came out somewhere familiar.
    Very glad to hear this. DS2 segregated/linear levels were exceedingly dull in comparison.

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    anybody here being able to play this with online functionality? the game is just offline for me and reminds me it can't verify PS Plus subscription, which i don't have.

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    If you don't have PS+ you can't play online.

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    i am not talking multiplayer, i just want to enable help signs and co-op. so this would be the first game in the series that force you into a PSplus subscription in order to have online functionality at all? hm...

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    This is also the first time PSPlus is required to play online on PS. Messages and coop require PSPlus.

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    Sony is getting more and more desperate, i know... but sorry Sony, this is not a very convincing way.


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