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    GT Academy 2015 add your name

    The annual event starts tomorrow 21st April, more details in the link below, four rounds, each one last two weeks, and it's only the final round that counts proper towards going through to the bootcamp etc.

    Amazes me every year how quick some people really are, I join the GTPlanet leaderboard each year but would be nice to have a bit of competition here for us mere mortals. I think top 2000 in the UK per round is quite an achievement as a guideline.

    If interested post your forum name and PS3 gamertag and I'll do a leaderboard for each round and keep it updated.

    VR46 - DavidHolliss

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    Just me then, well I see Bassman has set some times.

    Best time for me so 2:10.904, just six seconds of the best time so far


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