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    How does it "feel" to play on ps4? i was dead set on a pc purchase for higher frame rates, but the pc version seems all over the damn place, 30fps doesnt really bother me either, but i was just curious to your impressions ah sod it ill just get it on ps4
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    Played this on PC for about 45 minutes. Runs around 40fps average on a GTX 970 with every setting at max. Looks astounding. I was really worried about graphical downgrade which is definitely apparent compared to old images but this still looks sublime in motion.

    I've never played a Witcher game before but I think I may enjoy this based on my short first impressions so far. Story seems like it could be interesting. Characters were very human and believable which goes a long way. And the combat was exciting too. Oh did I mention how good this games looks!? haha

    Oh and also, hi! I haven't posted here for God knows how long.

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    and i have just been playing it aswell had it set to ultra with my 970 and 4690k only 4gb of ram though and it runs pretty well but i set it to high as much rather have the smoother frame rate.

    Got to say feels a lot more polished then 2 was ...if anyone remembers the launch of the witcher 2 the game was not that beginner friendly though with updates they did improve that

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    Hello again, Rossco (P Coltrane)!

    What the hell is this game about? Every one is talking about graphics and the advert just shows a medieval wench running away from a giant turkey with "NOT IN GAME GRAPHICS" splashed across it.

    Is it just an Elder Scrolls wannabe to fill the gap?

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    The Witcher 2 was better than Skyrim tbfh.

    Think if it as a cross between mass effect and game of thrones, with a very large open world, lots of quests and choices with genuinely effect character growth and story. It's an action RPG with a focus on hunting monsters by learning about your prey, and using the right tools based on your learned knowledge of them.

    A big main story involved too, which seems to be quite in depth and involving, placing you in the middle of a war of nations, while you're searching for a loved one.

    Great game so far- and its fookin massive! Apparently the combined map size is 3.5 bigger than Skyrim haha

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    Thanks Kirov!

    I did read your first post, but you made it sound like Elder Scrolls.
    It sounds really interesting, but I'm not going current gen just yet, so you'll have to entertain me with your tales of chivalry and adventure, preferably sung whilst playing a lute.

    A little heads-up about that day one patch:

    "Digital Foundry looks at the patch in detail. It seems as if the update significantly cuts down on the number of gameplay bugs and geometry pop-ins. By all accounts, the game components are more polished with this patch applied.

    Unfortunately, that comes at the expense of The Witcher 3's cutscenes. It's said that there's significant stuttering and frame rate drop while playing encoded video files, to a degree that's impossible to ignore. Eurogamer's reported that these often bottom out around 22fps -- a far cry from the solid 30 the game shoots for. The unpatched version is consistently more stable in this regard.

    It's sort of a toss-up as to whether you should avoid this patch or not. It really depends on what's important to you. If you'd rather have a better gameplay experience, it's probably worth downloading. But, if you want to see The Witcher's cutscenes in all their cinematic glory, maybe you should stay far away from this update."

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    Wasn't that article about XB1 only? I thought so but I may have been wrong. There's a second path out now to v1.02, and I've not noticed much like that yet.

    EDIT- yes, the header says that is for xbox one only.
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    Straw poll:
    Skyrim Vs. The Witcher Vs. Dragon Age?

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    For me it's that exact order: Skyrim>Witcher>Dragon Age

    But I'm yet to start Witcher 3, it just finished downloading this morning and now I'm thinking of sticking with my Witcher 2 replay before moving onto this. Crossing my fingers though, sounds like W3 has the potential to give the grand open adventure feel Skyrim gave

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    I believe it does- most definately. With having the luxury of a better story, engaging main character and more cohesive world aswell. I look forward to seeing what you think!


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