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    I think that's why I'm fairly optimistic about W3, it's the world building, feels like it's the series strength and though W2 didn't deliver on the hype it was a big step up on the first game in execution. Skyrim doesn't have great combat but as long as it's immersive enough it's an easy 100+hrs

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    Had a little hours play last night just to see how it would run on my Laptop. Have to say im so very pleased after being told my 860M and i7-4710MQ would not even run it i am able to have it at 1920x1080 with mix of medium to high settings and it runs really well, only occasional frame drop but still amazing non the less. In truth the thing that kills it is the hair settings, my laptop certainly doesn't like that.

    It look stunning, now uni is finished i cannot wait to start devoting all my time to it, looking forward to this adventure

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    The irony is, The Witcher 3 is current gen only, but I've not played Skyrim, The Witcher 2 or The Dragon Age games, so by the time I get through those, current gen will be last gen and last gen will be retro!

    The Witcher series wasn't on my radar until 3 started getting advertised, so I look forward to hearing what you lot get up to, but Superman Falls, for heaven's sake, wear some trousers in this game!

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    Skyrim is such a great game. Start with that one.

    Post still hasn't come to my office. WHAT IS HAPPENING I NEED THIS GAME :@

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    If it doesn't come, at least you can buy it from GAME... For ?59.99.

    Seriously, just die already.

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    had 5 hours of play of the PC version right after downloading it. it's version 1.02 and i think day one patch is included already. i had problems with the prerendered cutscenes as they did not play properly but apart from that i am relieved my new GTX 750ti card does not disapppoint in terms of performance. with everything set to high and all postprocessing incl. Nvidia Hair FX i get 25 to 35 fps out of it. for graphics card consuming no more than 60 Watt this is pretty decent gaming performance i suppose. visuals are a world apart from what was promised in 2013 and even can't match the quality of the 2014 footage. apart from the missing detail and draw distance most evidently they changed the more monochrome and gritty color palette and lighting to a more vibrant and colourful style, which now falls more in line with genre standards. controls with the 360 pad are excellent so far.

    my PC download key from cdkeys is - i had never heard of that platform before. anyone has experiences with gog? however, with the game came some digital goodies like a soundtrack, a comic and artbook. very very nice!

    a quick update for some of you interested in my Witcher 3 Press Kit collection (incl. puzzle, poster and t-shirt): international shipping costs to EU countries now added.
    Last edited by Uli; 19-05-2015 at 12:23 PM.

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    ^ GOG is owned and run by CD Projekt. It's basically their DRM-free answer to Steam. It also bankrolls their projects, I think, for unlike Valve they make games / fnah.

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    I've been playing the PS4 version and can confirm the stuttering in the cut scenes.

    So far I've done the Well Quest (at level 1) and found the Arsonist.

    I tried the second game on 360 (free game) and didn't particularly like it. This game seems a bit more accessible (to me).

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    Ok finally been able to put some time into this game and i can honestly say it is just simply amazing. I have been playing for an hour and half and barely done anything. The world is just absolutely stunning. I really don't understand quite how people are saying that the graphics are a disappointment because quite simply it is easily one of the best if not THE best looking worlds i have ever played, i am playing on my laptop with a mix of medium to high details and it blows me away. God knows how playing it in maximum detail must be. But i am very satisfied with the results.

    One thing i do love is the sky and weather effects, i have yet to encounter a game that could compete with Red Dead Redemption but this is just another level of detail. The amount of colour is outstanding, watching the sky turn from sunshine to moody stormy weather in which just about every tree i can see is swaying amidst the storm, never seen anything like it in real-time.

    In terms of gameplay, so far im loving the combat, ok i have not yet encountered much other than drowners but from my battles so far it certainly is not a button basher, real thought needs to go into the fighting. when facing multiple enemies this is essential to no get your ass whipped.

    Like i said not done too much other than few simple quests but the world has drawn me in and i simply cannot wait to play again. Not many games nowadays have this effect on me. Finally i think i have found a game that takes the RPG crown from Skyrim. Simply stunning experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bassman View Post
    I've been playing the PS4 version and can confirm the stuttering in the cut scenes.

    So far I've done the Well Quest (at level 1) and found the Arsonist.

    I tried the second game on 360 (free game) and didn't particularly like it. This game seems a bit more accessible (to me).
    Awesome! Any pointers on where to start? I tried using Witcher sense around the area but not finding much...


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