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  1. #301
    I'm completely lost in this now. I'm knocking around Novigrad thinking I've no idea how I'm going to complete all this, and I've just read that Skellige is basically big enough to be an entire new game.

    And yes, I too have been sat watching a dawn or a thunderstorm approach from the distance and just thought 'wow'.

  2. #302
    It's such a stunning game, isn't it @k0pp0? I loved it too. To play it is to obsess over it!

    At times it can seem a bit overwhelming, it's such a huge world and there is so much stuff to do. I would say that the second half of the game's story does flow much more consistently than the first half, where you're left to your own devices a bit more. So if you do feel like it's getting a bit much, try to soldier on anyway!

    One of the really brilliant things about it from my perspective is the quality of the dialogue and the cutscenes in general. It really does put the vast majority of games to shame - it's actually like watching a TV show or movie, rather than the often shoddy efforts we are given as 'story' in games. And I say that as someone who frequently loves those shoddy efforts!

    I think I put about 300 hours into it myself. There is one DLC story currently out, which exists in the same world, and there is a larger one on the way later this year which will add a whole new area to the game too.

    I've not touched the first DLC part myself yet, I'm waiting to play both together for maximum impact

    Also - Gwent. How fupping fun is Gwent? What a simply awesome diversion!

  3. #303
    Gwent. I literally have no idea how to play it.

  4. #304
    Put a few hours into this today. Itís been sat on my harddrive for over a year and itís silly to miss out. Iím very, very early on and I can tell itís going to be overwhelming. Absolutely loving the storms and sunsets - it really adds to the mood and atmosphere. Sometimes the controls are fiddly, and picking things up/igniting torches can be a faff, but these are minor niggles.

    I got my arse handed to me at Gwent in the Emperorís palace. My cards are so weak.

  5. #305
    Trekked around for a bit and got very little done. I just ended up staring at sunsets for ages.

    Eventually I started a side quest that involved a missing woman. I got absolutely DODDED fighting a werewolf while the missus was hollering about tea being ready. My failure annoyed me, and I got bollocked for letting my tea get cold (it wasn’t). I’ll have to tackle it another time.

  6. #306
    I got this at Christmas, but Monster Hunter World came out and is absorbing all my game time!

    I was disappointed with how unnecessarily sweary it was, though.

  7. #307
    Game of Thrones, man. It means all fantasies set in a faux medieval world need to drop F-bombs and C-grenades. Looks even better in subtitles.

  8. #308
    My mate had it and showed me it.
    I'm sure it made sense in context, but it was a bit childish seeing some soldiers saying "'Ere's that ****ing no good **** face sticking his ****ing nose into our ****ing business. Let's ****ing get 'im!"

  9. #309
    To be fair - I don’t know if I’m not far enough into it to see the full extent of swearing or not, but I’ve only seen it a few times in several hours. Maybe he showed you a particularly swearsome section? Or, as I say, maybe I have been fortunate to avoid it.

  10. #310
    It was where he was at when I had popped round.

    It won't stop me playing it, it just caught me by surprise.

    I've always got to be aware of what little people might see if I dare play something while they're awake.


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