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    Yeah that's a good feature.
    Use it a lot on AV Forums

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    Yay, you got my joke Hudson! Been grinning about that!

    (Plus you're not really a tw@, I just wanted to make the joke. I nicked it from GTA III)

    @Neil - Wh wh whaaaat? You go on other forums?! You're posting to other people behind our backs?! You slag!

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    Very nice feature!

    Does it search and attempt to autocomplete as you're typing or will you have to spell it exactly?

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    I actually don't know. Looks like there's some decent interest though. I'll get going on the test server when I get a moment. I'll try a "like post" plugin too.

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    You missed the r out

    Charles, I take it you mean notification by email? I assume we could opt out or we would only get one notification before visiting the site again.

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    There are loads of options, including just notification via control panel when you visit. Pro version looks best but isn't free.

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    Quote notification would be cool although I just sit on the UserCP bashing F5 like everyone else.

    I'm undecided about liking. I guess it would help keep threads uncluttered whenever some cool guy like QC posts a hilarious photo and gets fifty lol-esque replies.

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    Thanks, Randombs, what a lovely thing to say!

    I never know if my posts make people laugh or just wind people up most the time.
    The way I figure, I'm on just as many people's Ignore lists as I make laugh, but I've not been banned yet, so I'm not done something awful... yet. Dun dun Duuuuuuun!

    It's the same on Facebook. I'll crack a joke that I'm really pleased with but it gets two likes, then post something on a whim and it gets loads. I carry on regardless though!

    I've had some genuine chuckles out of you guys this week and I'd like to like some of them too.


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